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Search Engine Optimisation

The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google.

In the cluttered and now high competitive world of the Internet, visibility is a fundamental ingredient of
any successful online marketing strategy.

With a search engine now being the starting point of most purchasing decisions, having your website featured highly in Google’s search results has never been as important as right now.


The birth and boom of the search marketing industry has given rise to an almost endless list of companies making all sorts of promises to make your website magically appear on page 1, position 1 of Google. Some do, some get lucky but most unfortunately often to fail to deliver on their promise of Internet stardom and global domination.

Here, we firmly believe that results you expect will only come from first setting the right expectations, some clever planning, tenacious hard work and by using tested long-term strategies.




In a post “penguin”, “panda” and “hummingbird” world, Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) has never been harder or easier depending on whom you listen to. To those still using naughty “blackhat” techniques to try and shortcut their ticket to the top, I’m sure they’re struggling to keep up. But to the companies like us who believe SEO is driven by relevance, quality and unique content, it’s never been easier to push our clients past the junk and into prime Google real estate.

An SEO strategy is often “retro-fitted” to a website after it’s already been designed and developed. Whenever possible, SEO should begin long before a pixel is placed on your website. Researching the online behavior of your audience is the first step to understanding how the search for you, the information they are looking for and the content your website will need to make sure they find, consume and take action.

By Andrew Dalton – G+

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If your organisation is looking to engage a true SEO expert whom you can rely on to deliver genuine and measurable results for the long-term, talk to us and let us show you our resolve. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about us:


After almost 12 months of watching our site travel backwards in the search results, we engaged Resolve Digital to rescue our rankings before the boom of summer. While quick results were never promised or expected, we saw our site not only start ranking for a variety of new keywords, but into the top 5 of Google results for some of our most critical lead generating search terms. It’s made a noticeable positive impact to our business and I can highly recommend the team at RD.
Paul Needham – Director


We first contracted Andrew Dalton from Resolve Digital in 2011 to help us with a variety of digital marketing projects. Since then we’ve seen our search results climb dramatically, our facebook likes increase 5 fold to 100k and share our great business with hundreds of new Thermomix consultants around the country. Highly Recommended.
Jackie van der Loon – Australian/New Zealand Marketing Manager


It’s been a pleasure to leave our competitors behind and watch our rankings pepper the first page of Google like a rash. Our website traffic has increased substantially, enquiries have risen and we’ve been nothing short of pleased with the service from Andrew Dalton along the way.
Colin Reith – Sales Director


I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect after we engaged Andrew to help develop our new website and marketing us on Google. The difference before and after however has been a very pleasurable surprise. Our customers love our new site and they certainly have no problems finding us on Google for an impressive list of keywords. I haven’t just noticed more people coming to the website, it’s also meant more orders through the door.
Andrew Oliver – Director