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Remarketing: For when you just can’t let go…

Imagine if we could follow your customers around the Internet with ads after they visit your website. Not just generic ads either, ads that are very specifically related to the pages, products or services they were viewing when browsing your site.

As long as customers land on your website at some point, we can present them with ads for your business as they visit other websites such facebook, YouTube, Google and many other popular websites, blogs and forums.

Strike When They’ll Buy.

Just because a potential customers has searched for a product you sell on Google, clicked on your listing in the search results and checked out a product on your website, it doesn’t mean that they’re always ready to buy right there and then.

When you consider the time, money and resources that often goes along with getting a customer to your website, it’s a genuine shame to not see that opportunity translate into a lead or purchase.



Get your moneys worth

Let’s face it, whether it be SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising or your press, radio or television advertising, it costs good money to get potential customers to your website. Only the more costly if they leave your website before converting into a tangible opportunity for your business.

But what if we could identify these lost opportunities and lure them back to your website? Well now we can.

Welcome to the wonderful new world of remarketing.

So how does remarketing work? Well before we get too technical, first let me give you an example of a real world scenario.

Case Study: James the tennis player

After losing a game of Tennis, James heads home defeated and considers replacing his worn tennis racquet. After dinner, he jumps online and after a few Google searches and visiting various websites, he arrives at and finds a great selection of well-priced new tennis racquets.

James cross-references a few user reviews from sources around the Internet and eventually settles on the new Prince Thunder Maker.

While competitively priced, the fancy new racquet is still going to set James back a cool $450 plus delivery. After checking the bank balance and noticing the unpaid power bill on the kitchen table, cooler heads prevail and James chooses to go to bed instead of heading to the checkout.

1 week and a payday later, James is back on the Internet and reading the news on his favorite news site when he notices an ad from offering the Prince Thunder Maker with the reduced price of $439 plus free delivery. With the power bill now out of the way and with a few extra dollars in the bank from his recent payday, James ceases the opportunity, clicks on the ad and completes the purchase.

A coincidence? I think not….

Perhaps just a lucky coincidence that an ad offering a deal for the exact product James looking at just happened to appear on a website he was visiting? Absolutely not, this was all part of a very carefully constructed digital strategy.

If you would like to know more about this great advertising technology or how it could work for your business, get in touch and we’ll happy to help.

By Andrew Dalton - G+