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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising:

Imagine being able to only advertise your business to the people interested in your products and services and whom live in your area.

This is exactly the opportunity the facebook advertising platform has opened up for Australian small businesses.

The smart bomb of advertising…

A women’s fashion boutique in Perth could potentially advertise their latest range of trendy dresses to females, aged between 17-30 who are interested in fashion and live in Perth. Or a local fishing charter company could promote their latest tour to local males interested in fishing.

With now over 11 million active users in Australia, Facebook is not only our most popular social network; it also represents one of the greatest opportunities for Australian advertisers since Google Adwords and search engine optimisation.



Along with basic demographic data such as age, gender and location being offered up by each facebook user, facebook is also collecting much more detailed information such as hobbies, interests, marital status, language and sexual preferences.

In short, we now have the ability to place a specific advert on the facebook page belonging to users who meet a very specific list of demographic criteria that you want to target. These can include:

> Age
> Gender
> Country, State & City
> Education
> Workplace
> Interests
> Hobbies & Interests
> Marital Status & Sexual Preferences

pay by click or by ad view

Facebook advertising is conducted on a PPC (pay-per-click) or CPM (cost-per-impression) basis.

This means that you only pay when either your ad is shown (CPM) or clicked on by a potential customer (CPC)

You can control the daily budget and many of the other levers that control cost, targeting and messaging.

an added bonus….

An extremely underrated benefit of this medium is the branding awareness driven by relatively low click through rates (CTR) and inexpensive clicks.

With an average CTR of 2 clicks in every 1000 ad-views, your brand and message will be exposed around 1000 times to a targeted audience at a cost typically under $2.00.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Facebook advertising.

By Andrew Dalton - G+