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Does SEO Work?

Does SEO Still Work?

There has been a lot of speculation in the world of SEO lately and I’m still often asked if I think search engine optimisation still works. Google has done a great job of slapping down offending websites using bad practices while also making a great case for some questionable SEO advice that I believe helps them more than a website owner. Let’s just remember that I’m sure Google does want to deliver a superior search experience for its users, there is no doubting that they also want to push small business owners towards their paid advertising product Google Adwords.

One thing is for sure though; SEO ain’t what it used to be.

Long gone are the days when we could slap some words in the html and watch your website climb to the top.

Long gone also are the days when you may be paying an SEO Company only $350 per year for the privilege. It’s also nice to see that handing over $5k a year to a company for some shonky outsourced link building in India is also well behind us.

While Google are still delivering organic search results, the SEO industry will still very much be alive. Google search results are driven by rules and if there are rules, there will be search engine optimisation experts trying to discover and leverage them.



The hard truth is, SEO has changed more in the last 12-months, than collectively over the past 12 years. 

I won’t lie to you though, it can be very tough. Depending on the condition of your website, the keywords you want to rank for and the budget available, your SEO campaign could have varying results.

In most cases however we can tell quickly if a website has be managed questionably in the past and we will also have a great idea on the competitiveness of your industry but doomed from the start we are indeed if you want to rank for “credit cards” with a $500 monthly budget.

After the Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Pigeon updates, there are considerably more loops to jump through.

My Do it right though and the results are spectacular…

Put the right business in the right spot with the right website and the returns can be life changing.

As an SEO Expert based in Perth now for over 14 years, I’ve seen this industry grow and change before my eyes. SEO in Perth used to be greeted with equal parts funny looks and closed chequebooks when I first started. Yellow Pages controlled the advertising budget of most small businesses and it was all about getting to the front of the book, not the search results back then.

Perth SEO has come leaps and bound since then.

You only need to hear the caliber of questions being asked by my clients every day to see how far the industry has come. That yellow book also became a little les desirable when it was too thin to even be an effective doorstop or monitor stand.

We still have some way to go however. Some Digital Agencies need to clean up their act and frankly, so do some business owners when it comes to adapting to the new Digital landscape.

While there are always new channels emerging and distracting us (for the better and worse), it’s still pretty safe to say that while Google still commands over 90% of the search market here in Australia, SEO isn’t going anywhere for a while yet.

By Andrew Dalton - G+



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