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Nothing, Naughty or Ninja?

Nothing, Naughty or Ninja?

There has been a lot of noise and confusion about SEO in recent years and I think it’s now pretty safe to say that the game has changed forever. There was Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Pigeon; in fact Google can just about start a zoo with the number of updates to their algorithm lately.

But what does it all mean for your website? Well that all depends on what you or your SEO Company has been up to. Chances are, they have either done nothing, been naughty or ninja with your search engine optimisation campaign.

The sad truth is, many of the recent Google updates have left SEO companies shaking in their boots.

Many campaigns we’re left untouched in the fear that one wrong move could send their clients’ website tumbling off a cliff to be never seen on Google again. An invisible line was drawn in the sand and many Digital Agencies and SEO Experts were simply frozen in fear in case they crossed it.

Then there are the naughty guys…

If your SEO Company paid little attention to unique content, outsourced their link building overseas and used spammy repetitive anchor text, the chances are you’ve received one or more Google penalties and you’ve got some work to do.



The hard truth is, SEO has changed more in the last 12-months, than collectively over the past 12 years. 

If your SEO Company was more Ninja than naughty, your website has likely only benefited from the recent Google updates. Unfortunately playing it safe will get you nowhere but if you’re too aggressive, you risk a penalty. Being an SEO Ninja is about exploring the boundaries of search engine optimisation and occasionally stepping over them with various risk mitigated methods.

So is it still possible top optimise your website for page 1 rankings? Absolutely.

Walking the invisible line

While traditional SEO is dead, as long as there are rules that determine who gets seen and where on Google, search engine optimisation is still very much alive. In fact, many of the original principles of SEO still very much apply, it’s how you apply them that matters most.

The cornerstone of SEO still include all the fundamentals:

Once the foundation is laid, inbound links are still as critical as ever. Does this mean you head straight to and order 10,000 links? Well no.

There are many legitimate ways to produce high quality, natural, relevant and powerful links back to your website without facing the wrath of Google.

  • Produce and upload videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites like
  • Distribute press releases
  • Participate in forums and blogs
  • Social networking sites like facebook and twitter

Are there still risks you ask? Always. Until Google gives us the official handbook on SEO (may be a long wait), search engine optimisation is always going to be a game of risk and speculation.

A game however we all should be playing.

By Andrew Dalton - G+



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