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Finding the right agency is no easy task. I know only too well from my own recruitment efforts how hard good talent is to find in this space. My search was relentless and so should be yours.

The stakes are too high to settle for second best.

The chances are that if you’ve made it this far through our site, you’re looking for some safe hands to depend upon when it comes to your Digital Marketing requirements. A company who not only has the skill, but the experience and tenacity to deliver the results you expect. Someone who will listen, advise and when necessary say no when we need to.

Welcome to Resolve Digital.


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Real world experience you can depend on.

After 14 years in the Digital Marketing industry, our Director Andrew Dalton has witnessed first hand the evolution of the Internet and its dramatic impact on small business.

Our boutique agency has been built upon the experience gained from many thousands of Digital campaigns from our collective past. While we are immensely proud of our portfolio, what we can’t show is depth of knowledge and experience that has gone into every one of them. The same intellectual property that will go into your project. Degrees and certifications are a great starting point, but nothing can compare with what can be learned from 14 years of

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Andrew Dalton

Digital Strategist Since 2001



Since 2001, the Digital Industry has taken me on a fascinating ride from appointment setter to Agency Director with many interesting & formative roles along the way.

The most successful Digital campaigns are almost always driven by an often-contrasting variety of skills and people. It was belief that one-day inspired me to step out of the sales department, walk to the dark end of the office and peek over the shoulders of what will turn out to be some of the true pioneers of Digital Marketing in Australia.

I was hooked.

While it may seem that the rules of engagement for online are being re-written daily, I’m a Digital Strategist who firmly believes in leaving the buzz behind to first focus on the fundamentals.

I´ve had the pleasure of working with some of Australia´s leading Digital Agencies, biggest brands and collaborated closely with industry giants such as Microsoft, Westnet and iiNet.

After developing and introducing a number of unique mobile marketing products to the Australian market in 2005, I established and built Digital Agency Human Traffic before exiting to ASX listed company Adslot (Webfirm) in 2008 and assumed the role there as Head of Digital and 2IC.

Today I´m the Digital Strategist and Director of boutique Agency Resolve Digital, and take great pleasure in working hands-on with dozens of passionate SME´s and a handful of great National brands such as Thermomix and